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    A Circus Animals


Diets Quiz

Can you answer these questions about the culinary habits of the circus

 1. Famous gorilla Gargantua the Great's favorite foods were . . . ?
a. Bananas & Coca Cola 
b. Lettuce and Milk
c. Bananas & Milk
d. Chocolate & Fruit Juice
e. Liver & Bananas
  2. Which was not part of the regular diet of Barnum's famous Jumbo the elephant?
a. Peanuts
b. Oats
c. Grass 
d. Hay
e. Whiskey
 3. On average, how much fish each day were consumed by Goliath, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey's famous sea lion?
a. 1 gross (12 dozen)
b. 200 pounds
c. 75 pounds
d. 6 gross
e. 150 pounds
 4. According to their official website, which food below is not on the weekly shopping list of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus?
a. 3,000 pounds of elephant chow
b. 2,000 pounds of fresh meat
c. 425 loaves of bread
d. 10,000 pounds of bananas
e. 36,000 pounds of hay
 5. Llamas and Alpacas feed mainly on . . . ?
a. Grass
b. Hay
c. Oats
d. Bran
e. None of the Above
 6. Those who feed the circus elephants are called...?
a. Bull Handlers
b. Pachyderm Pooper Scoopers
c. Elephant Keepers
d. Gunther Groupies
e. None of the Above
 7. What item in Gargantua the Great's circus diet would he not have eaten if he had remained in the wild?
a. Fruits
b. Water
c. Vegetables
d. Liver or other Meats
e. All of the Above would still have been part of his diet
 8. What was the special treat that Jumbo's trainer would occasionally give him?
a. Chocolate
b. Oats
c. Whiskey
d. Beer
e. Peanuts
 9. How much water does King Tusk, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey's current famous pachyderm, consume in a day?
a. 200 gallons
b. 100 gallons
c. 150 gallons
d. 175 gallons
e. None of the Above    
10. Those who feed the and water a circus's big cats are called...?
a. Roustabouts
b. Cage Boys
c. Kitty Care Specialists
d. Assistant Trainers
e. Apprentice Trainers

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