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Wheeler the ClownflyWheeler Presents

    A Circus

Lou Jacobs & Frankie Saluto, Circus Clowns

Occupations Quiz

                                       Match the Circus Job below with it's meaning

              (note: some of these occupations may be obsolete in the circuses of today)

 1. People who sell refreshments at the circus are called...?
a. Consessionaires
b. Butchers
c. Fairy Floss Men  (or women)
d. Lords of the Lemonade
e. None of the Above
  2. Unskilled Circus Laborers may be called...?
a. Chinese
b. Razorbacks
c. Roustabouts
d. All of the above 
e. None of the above
 3. A circus called...? 
a. A Zany
b. A comic
c. A Bozo
d. A Willie
e. None of the Above
 4. The flashily dressed girls in the Circus Spec are called...?
a. Bally Broads
b. Spec Girls
c. Showgirls
d. a & b
e. None of the Above
 5. Circus performers in general are called...?
a. Carnies
b. Kinkers
c. Troupers
d. b & c
e. None of the Above
 6. Those who feed and care for elephants are called...?
a. Bull Handlers
b. Pachyderm Pooper Scoopers
c. Elephant Keepers
d. Gunther Groupies
e. None of the Above
 7. Musicians in the circus band are called . . . ?
a. Calliope Accompanists
b. Hornblowers
c. Musicians
d. Windjammers
e. None of the Above
 8. - The electrician who runs the lights at the circus is called a . . .? Also called a .
a. Lightman
b. Shanty
c. Chandelier
d. a & c
e. b & c
 9. The person who stands by to assist the big cat trainer during and after his/her act and assists in the daily care of the cats is called a . . .?
a. Gunther Groupie
b. Cageboy
c. Cat Caretaker
d. Lion Lackey
e. None of the Above    
10. People who sell balloons at the circus are called . . . ?
a. Balloon Vendors
b. Rubbermen
c. Latex Vendors
d. Ballooners
e. None of the Above
11. A crew of telephone solicitors who sell tickets to the circus are called . . . ?
a. Boiler Room
b. Telephone Solicitors
c. Telephone Ticketeers
d. Ticket Sales Crew
e. None of the Above
12. An out of use term for an acrobat is  a. . . ?
a. Flyboy
b. Balancer
c. Airman
d. Ponger
e. None of the Above
13. In tented circuses, the person who paces the circus lot and decides where every tent and every piece of equipment will be placed is called the . . . ?  
a. Boss Canvas Man
b. Layout Man
c. Tent Manager
d. a & b
e. All of the above
14. Members of the crew that sets up the wires, nets, etc. for the aerial acts are called . . . ?
a. Roustabouts
b. Razorbacks
c. Pongers
d. Riggers
e. Netters
15. Which of the following is not a term for some type of salesmen at the circus? 
a. Rubberman
b. Boiler Room
c. Pitchmen
d. Solicitors
e. Butchers
16. Which of the following is not a term for some type of trapeze artist?
a. Catcher
b. Spotter
c. Flyer
d. a & c
e. b & c
17. What is a funambulist?
a. a boss clown
b. a ringmaster
c. a ropewalker
d. a trapeze artist
e. a carpet clown
18. The clown whose main purpose is to work the audience directly, either from the ring or the stands is called . . . ?
a.. a front line clown
b. a boss clown
c. a hobo clown
d. a carpet clown
e. a performing clown

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