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The Lives of Famous Clowns

Are you interested just in learning the facts about a specific Clown or Clown character? Then click on your favorite clown below to learn his or her history.

Emmett "Weary Willie" Kelly Sr.

Lou Jacobs and Knucklehead

Bob Bell as Bozo the Clown

Alan Livingston created Bozo and Pinto Colvig first portrayed him

Emmett Kelly Sr.

Jacob Ludwig

 Bob Bell


Weary Willie

Lou Jacobs

Bozo the Clown

 Bozo the Clown

Wheeler note: This history includes clowns of the theater, circus, movies, and television. As such, I must note here that the rights to the Bozo the Clown character and name are owned by Larry Harmon and the rights to the Ronald McDonald character and name are owned by the McDonalds Corporation. The inclusion of famous television or other copyrighted or trademark clowns on these pages are for historical purposes only. Many pictures contained in these pages are courtesy of WGN-TV, Chicago, and the International Clown Hall of Fame. All pictures borrowed from websites include the name of the website from which they were borrowed.

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