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Name those Bozos

In 2001, WGN-TV (Chicago) televised the last episode of the Bozo the Clown Show. Many faces have put on the makeup of this American icon over the years, in different parts of the country. Can you fit a name to each of these Bozos?  Try your luck, and if you need some hints, click here.  (Note: All Pictures of Bozo on this page are Courtesy of WGN-TV, Chicago)

A.Bozo Picture A   B.Bozo Picture B C..Bozo Picture C   D.Joey D'Auria was the last Bozo and an Emmy winner
 E. Pinto Colvig Jr. as Bozo F.Bozo - Picture F G.Bozo - Picture G H. Bozo - Picture H  
 I. Bozo - Picture I   J.   Bozo - Picture J K. Bozo - Picture K

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Hints: Here are the names that go with the above pictures (but not in the right order):

Actors portraying Bozo
Bob Bell  Larry Harmon
Willard Scott  Pinto Colvig Jr.
Jim Chapin  Howell Eurich
Joey D'Auria  Bill Britten
Pinto Colvig Sr. Syd Saylor

Frank Avruch

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