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Name the Famous Clowns

Can You Name These

Famous CLOWNS?

Clowns of History (non-circus; performed in the theatre and/or in the 1800s and early 1900s)

ATheatrical Clown Picture ABTheatrical Clown Picture BC  Theatrical Clown Picture C  

DTheatrical Clown Picture D     ETheatrical Picture E      F Theatrical Clown F  

G Theatrical Clown G    H Theatrical Clown H        I Theatrical Clown I         

JTheatrical Clown J

Clowns of  the American Circus1800s & 1900s

AUSA Circus Clown A      BUSA Circus Clown B  cUSA Clown C     

DUSA Circus Clown D     E USA Circus Clown E     USA Circus Clown F  

G  Prince Paul Alpert          HUSA Circus Clown H          I  USA Circus Clown I      

JUSA Circus Clown J              K   USA Circus Clown K

Circus Clowns famous in other countries (Past and Present)

AEurope / Asia Circus Clown A          B Europe/Asia Circus Clown B          CEurope / Asia Circus Clown C

DEurope / Asia Circus Clown D             E Europe / Asia Clown E             F Europe / Asia Circus Clown F

GEurope / Asia Circus Clown G       

HEurope / Asia Circus CLown H                I  Europe / Asia Circus Clown I      

Famous Clowns of Hollywood and Television


 .    A Television / Hollywood Clown A       BTelevision / Hollywood Clown B       C Television / Hollywood Clown C  

DTelevision / Hollywood Clown D         ETelevision / Hollywood Clown E      FTelevision / Clown F

         G  Television / Hollywood Clown G         H   Television / Hollywood Clown H              I   Hollywood / Television Clown I  

JTelevision / Hollywood Clown J              K Television / Hollywood Clown G

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