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Wheeler the Clown's Clown and Circus World Website

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The Circus Clown (Emmett "Weary Willie" Kelley Sr.)

The Wonderful World of  

The Rodeo Clown (Festus Alcock)



Party Clown (young Wheeler)

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Get To Know Wheeler the Clown

The Wonderful World of the Clown

Clown Fun, Trivia, & Games

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Just who is

Wheeler the                 Clown?

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Clown Types

James Stewart as Buttons the Clown

  3 Quizzes toTest your overall  Clown             knowledge

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Why Wheeler the     Clown exists  Part 1
For I am A Clown

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The Circus Clown

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A Can You Name These Famous Clowns ?

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Why Wheeler the   Clown exists  Part 2

A Personal Experience

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The Rodeo Clown

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A Clown By Any Other Name  (Identify the name  behind the Clown)

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Why Wheeler the   Clown exists  Part 3

Wheeler's Clown  Prayer

Rafael "Chocolat" Padilla

The Hisory of


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Do you know where  your your favorite Clown was born?

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Wheeler's 31 Good reasons to be a Clown

Emmett "Weary Willie" Sr.

Learn about 

the lives of Famous Clowns

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How well do you know your Favorite Clowns' Special Partners?


    Wheeler's Clown Heroes

      Animated Bozo the Clown

Name those Bozos

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  Wheeler's Awards Page

Wheeler and the friends

Wheeler's Photo Album

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Quotes for  Clowns

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