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Wheeler the Clown Wheeler the CLOWN         Celebrates the end of  an Era

Name those Bozos

             the Answers

 All Pictures and information of Bozo on this page are Courtesy of WGN-TV Chicago


A.Pinto Colvig Sr. - The First Bozo

Pinto Colvig Sr. - the original BOZO  - KTTV, Los Angeles (CBS) circa 1949 (before that, he was BOZO for Capitol Records

 B.Bill Britten - One of many Bozos

Bill Britten - WPIX-TV New York's BOZO from 1959 - 1964

 C.Bob Bell - One of the more famous Bozos

Bob Bell - WGN-TV, Chicago's BOZO from 1960 - 1974  (1996 Clown Hall of Fame Inductee and an Emmy Award winner)

 D.Joey D'Auria was the last Bozo and an Emmy winner

  Joey D'Aurio - WGN-TV, Chicago's BOZO from 1974 - 2001 (Emmy Award winner)

E.Pinto Colvig Jr. as Bozo  

Pinto Colvig Jr. - KTLA-TV, Los Angeles's BOZO from 1959-1964

 F.One of the Bozos - Willard Scott

Willard Scott (yes, the TV Weatherman) - WRC-TV (NBC), Washington D.C.'s BOZO from 1959 - 1962

G. One of the Bozos - Jim Chapin

Jim Chapin - WHBQ-TV Memphis' (CBS) BOZO, circa 1955

H.One of the Bozos - Syd Saylor

Syd Saylor - BOZO  in several 30 minute TV shows for Capital Records television division circa 1949

I. One of the Bozos - Frank Avruch

Frank Avruch - WHDH TV Boston's (CBS) BOZO, from 1959-1970  

J. One of the Bozos - Howell Eurich

Howell Eurich - WKROD-TV El Paso's BOZO from the 1960s and early 1970s.

K.  Bozo - Picture K

Larry Harmon - was the voice Larry Harmon owns Bozo rightsbehind the cartoon BOZO which was shown on several television stations throughout the United States beginning in 1958. (he was also the cartoon's producer & owns exclusive rights to the BOZO character and merchandise)


                              0  -   2  You don't own a television do you?

                          3  -   4   Do you even know who Bozo is?

                               5  -   6  You've seen a Bozo Show or two

                               7  -   9  Gosh! Were you glued to the TV set as a child?

                            10  - 11  You're a Bozo fanatic (You'd love the Bozo timeline website, if it still was on the web)

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