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Test your knowledge of

Lou Jacobs & Knucklehead

Special Clown Partners

The Answers


Which of the following was not part of the famous French theatrical Clown act, the Fratellini?


 Louis, was a Fratellini brother and a clown, but died before his famous brothers began their clown act.


Which of the following never teamed together on a regular basis as a clown act?


Poodles and Marceline, while contemporaries, never performed together


Another famous clown partnership was Felix Adler and Amelia. Who or what was Amelia?


Amelia was Felix's wife and, after their marriage, the name of every baby piglet that Felix used in his act.


Many clowns are associated with a particular type of animal partner. Which of the following was not a well known clown / animal partnership of the past?


 Poodles Hanneford got the nickname Poodles from an aunt, not because he performed with Poodles. His special partners were trained horses. 


Which of the following was not a fellow/sister clown of Bozo the Clown during his long running TV show on WGN-TV in Chicago?


Professor Andy was a regular on the Bozo the Clown show, but was not a clown.


At various times in the past, Wheeler the Clown's (yours truly) spouse and children have all joined him behind the makeup. Which of the following is not a name used by Wheeler's spouse and kids?


Wheeler's alter ego, Scout ClownScout Clown is a character Wheeler uses when entertaining cub or boy scouts. (click on picture to enlarge)


Which of the following was not an animal partner of Yankee Dan Rice?


Traveller, while a contemporary of Yankee Dan Rice, was General Robert E. Lee's famous steed, not Dan's.


Eva Moore was married to two great Clowns. (As well as being the mother of another and  Grandmother of still another). Can you name the two Clowns that she was married to?


Emmett "Weary Willie" Kelly, Sr. and JoJo Lewis


What were the names of Lou Jacobs trained chihuahuas?


Knucklehead and PeeWee


Which of the following was never a whiteface / Auguste clown team?


Peggy Williams (whiteface) and Buttons McBride (auguste) worked at the same circus (Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey), but not as a recognized team.


One of the partners of Frankie Saluto, a midget clown of Ringling Brothers fame, was called Buns. Who or what was Buns?


Buns was a large rabbit, nearly as big as Frankie.


Antonet, a famous European (Italian) whiteface clown, regularly teamed up with an auguste partner, training some of them to go on to great fame as solo . Which of the following was not one of Antonet's partners?


Oleg Popov, a soviet , never teamed up with Antonet.


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Do you even know what a clown is?

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I guess out've seen a clown or two

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I guess you are serious about Clowning

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 Congratulations - You've got greasepaint in your veins!


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