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Wheeler the Clown

Wheeler's  Advice to Clowns

The Frightened Child, and How to Handle Him or Her

Every Clown who has ever performed in front of children has had to deal with this problem at one time or another. In His 22 years of clown existence. Wheeler has made it a point to never leave a frightened child at any function at which he performs. How is this done involves a really quite simple formula.

1. Allow the child to decide on and to maintain his or her personal space. Often this means that you must strongly encourage well meaning but misguided parents not to try and force the child to approach you.

2. If at all possible, get down to the child's level. (This is easy for short clowns like Wheeler)

3. Immediately learn the frightened the child's name and speak directly to that child as often as possible throughout your act. However:

4. Never attempt to or even appear to approach the child. Encourage the child to approach you. If the child is still fearful when you reach the balloon portion of your act, hold the balloon animal out to the child at arm's length and encourage the him/her to take it from you.

In my twenty-one years in this greatest of professions, these steps have only failed me twice (and that was when a well-meaning but misguided adult kept the frightened child in another room the whole time I was there) If you follow my suggestions, I can almost guarantee that the child will come to you at least once (to get a balloon animal), and will probably smile and speak to you before your gig is over. (By the way, I explained this method to "Santa Claus" a few years ago, and it worked for him, too.)

 :o{ ) Happy Clowning.

                                          -Wheeler the Clown

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