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Killer Kowns from Outer SpaceTest your knowledge of Hollywood Clown villains

(A real Clown will be forgiven for failing this quiz)

Wheeler's Note: Although there are examples of movies that put clowns in a good light, often Hollywood Coulrophobics prefer to show clowns in a bad light. Just in case a coulrophobic or two are frequenting this site (or maybe some of the rest of you are movie and TV trivia buffs), I offer this clown villain quiz.

In 1990, Hollywood vilified clowns in a made-for-TV movie (based on a novel of the same name) about an evil entity who, because its victims were children, would often take the form of an impeccably made up whiteface clown  (well, except for the vampire teeth) to lure the children to their destruction.


What is the name of the novel and subsequent movie thriller?


Who wrote the novel?


What was the evil entity's name while masquerading in clown form?


In the first part of the movie, the heroes as children see a very old circus poster featuring this evil clown. What kind of clown does the poster say he is?


Name the actor who portrayed this monster in clown's clothing.
A campy "aliens from outer space attack earth" movie which has become kind of a cult classic, featured alien invaders who looked like grotesque clowns and hit their victims with lethal cream pies. click here to see larger picture


What was the name of the movie?


What was the alien spaceship shaped like?


What substance did the aliens encase their captured victims in?


Who or what was the first victim of the aliens?


The aliens also carried lethal popcorn guns. What eventually happened to the popcorn "bullets" after they were discarded?

Another quiz already mentioned the fine performance by Jimmy Stewart as "Buttons" the big hearted clown hiding from the law in the movie, The Greatest Show on Earth. But there was another movie about a not so big hearted murderer hiding behind a clown face and it starred a real circus clown.


Name the movie


Name the "clown" star


What did the "clown" star insist on before he would portray the killer. 


How many people did the clown murderer kill?


What former Hollywood heartthrob played Ed Deets' third victim?
A popular 1950s television series about an equally popular comic book superhero had an episode about a good clown with a bad friend who overpowered him, applied his makeup, and tried to steal some money. This led to a chase and a tall climb followed by the bad clown pushing the good one off a roof, then losing his balance and falling himself. The series superhero saved the good clown but couldn't move fast enough to save the bad one.


What was the name of the TV series?


What was the villain's clown name?


What actors portrayed the parts of the villainous clown. and the good clown.


How did the superhero know which clown to save?


What was the title of this episode?
An equally popular television superhero series of the 1960s, Batman, featured a variety of zany criminals, one of which looked like a clown with green hair and a huge painted smile. In a much later Batman movie starring Michael Keaton, this character (portrayed with much darker evil) was the main villain.


What was this villain called?


What actor portrayed the villain in the television series?


What actor portrayed the villain in the Michael Keaton movie?


What actor is the voice of this villain in the popular animated Batman television series and what is the name of villain's henchperson?


In the Michael Keaton movie, Batman had a special reason to hate this grotesque villain. What was it?
On of the Star Wars movies featured an alien villain whose face was patterned after the face of a nationally popular clown.


Which Star Wars episode was it?


What was the villain's name?


What popular clown's face provided the inspiration for the Star Wars character's face?


Name the actor who portrayed the villain in the movie?


What made the villain's lightsaber  unique in a movie filled with lightsabers?
Jerry Lewis is an acclaimed Hollywood clown and, based at least on his work for Muscular Dystrophy, has a clowns love for children, especially ill children. But at least twice Lewis has portrayed clowns on film that were anything but noble. 


Name the movie in which Jerry played multiple roles, one of which was a circus clown who didn't like children and couldn't wait to retire?


What was the name of Jerry's child hating clown character?


Name the movie in which Jerry played an unemployed and imprisoned egotistical clown used by the Nazis to lead Jewish children into death camp gas chambers, and the author of the book on which the movie was based?


What was the name of Jerry's clown character in this movie?


When was this movie made and released?

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