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Part 2

A Story to illustrate

  What Clowning is all About  

Many Years ago, when Wheeler was just a "newborn", I had just finished with a doctor's appointment at a local University's hospital, and was searching for a telephone to call my wife. As I passed the hospital's burn unit I spotted a young teenage boy seated outside the unit with his mother. His burns pretty much covered his body from the neck down, and he was looking pretty glum, and full of pain in body and spirit.

I may have been in my "mundane" disguise as Dave K., but my pockets were still full of balloons. So I launched into one of my balloon routines, presenting him in the end with a balloon dog. He smiled as he took the balloon, and his mother's mouth dropped open.

"Oh thank-you," she said. "That's the first time I've seen him smile since the accident."

Wheeler wants to hear your stories of What Clowning is all About (in fact, I've been trying to get you to share them with me for over a year now!), and will publish the best ones in future issues of this website (of course I'll give you credit for the story). E-Mail your favorite story to


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