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Why Be A Clown?...How About  31 Reasons?

Fellow/Sister Clowns, do you ever get tired of some of the ways the word "Clown" is used? ("the class clown", "That politician is such a clown", etc.) Does the presence of knife or chainsaw wielding actors in Halloween spook alleys wearing grotesque clown masks a la Killer Klowns in Outer Space, or fanged or evil creatures disguised as clowns in that or Stephen King movies turn your stomach almost as much as the sick feeling that comes from watching a screaming child run from one of those costumed creeps? Or are you tired of seeing clowns portrayed as purveyors of crude behavior and bad habits, ala Krusty or Homey? Personally, I think it is time to set the record straight.

     Some years ago, I "surfed the net" and discovered that there are hundreds of  sites out there (obviously written by unenlightened "mundane" people) with an "I hate Clowns" theme. One of those "hate" sites, the No Clown Zone, listed 23 reasons for hating Clowns (most of them so ridiculous they were almost funny).
*By the way, "No-Zoners", In the June of 1999, I sent you an E-Mail challenging you to document some of your more ridiculous claims.   Readers, they have never had the guts to respond.

With all this ridicule and bad press, why would anyone want to be a Clown? I offer 31 of my own reasons below. (You can click on all pictures to enlarge them if you like)


Enough said.

Most Kids Love a Clown

One picture is worth 1000 words.


Real Clowns exist to serve.


Real Clowns truly love children. (of all ages)


Clowns make children laugh. (for every scared child, there are 15 thrilled ones)


 Even a sad ClownWeary WIllie Sr.can bring a smile to a child's or adult's face. (master examples are Emmett Kelly (Sr. and Jr.),  and Otto Griebling.)


Real Clowns don't scare children. It is pushy adults with little respect for a child's feelings or his/her personal space who scare children. (and I speak from over 20 years of experience here)


Clowns make the troubles of the world go away (at least for a while).



Rodeo clowns save lives regularly

Clowns save lives. Just think of the rodeo Clown. And I know several parade Clowns (including myself) that have pulled an inattentive child from in front of an oncoming float.


You can count on real Clowns to be a proper example. I have seen "Santa" show up to a function after partaking of a little too much "Christmas Spirits." (Just like the parade scene in that Christmas classic Miracle on 34th Street) But true Clowns would never tarnish their bright image or the trust we have with a child in that or any other way.


Clowns can brighten up a dreary hospital or nursing home like no one else can. (again, I speak from experience. I spent many dreary hours in a hospital as a child, and had my days brightened numerous times by a caring Clown)


Being a Clown makes me feel good. Whenever my heart aches, I can relieve it by relieving the ache in someone else's heart through my antics.


A happy looking Clown can be heartbroken inside and no one will know it, because . . .


Real Clowns will hide their own tears and pain by wiping away the tears of an unhappy child.


Clowns can take an ordinary balloon, and create a work of art.


Clowns can be rotten magicians and still be entertaining.


Clowns can be good magicians and be just as entertaining.


Clowns can be clumsy or elegant and the audience will love them just the same. Who else can fall on their face and still be appreciated and applauded? 


Ask a child what they want to see at a circus and their first answer will almost always be "the clowns".


Ask a child what they liked best about a parade, and their second choice will almost always be "the clowns". (First choice is usually either "horseys" or "Santa Claus." After all, nobody can be #1 all the time)


There is a universal brotherhood/sisterhood amongst clowns that is unequaled anywhere else. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I have developed close clown friendships all over the USA and in at least othr three countries.


As the song says, "Everybody Love A Clown". (Well, except for "Cathy's Clown")


Who else besides a Clown could resist smacking a kid who just pulled their nose or wig off? (or even harder, who else besides a Clown could resist smacking the smirking adult brat who told the kid to do in the first place?)


Clowns are talented people. (It takes talent to fit all those bodies in such small cars).


Read my pages entitled "For I Am A Clown," "A Clown Prayer," and "What Clowning is all about."


Being a Clown may help you live longer. {examples: Otto Griebling (74), Mark Antony (75), Albert Fratellini (75), Poodles Hanneford (76), Grock (79), Emmett (Weary Willie) Kelly, Sr. (80), Red Skelton (84), Lou Jacobs (89), and Bert Austin Williams (100)


Krusty is just a cartoon, not a real Clown. (Thank heavens!)


Homey and Pennywise were just actors, not real Clowns. (Well, Tim "Pennywise" Curry was acting; I'm not sure what to call Homey...tasteless, maybe?) (Again, Thank heavens!).

*By the way, if anyone from the No-Clown Zone happens to read this, I hate Krusty, Homey, and Pennywise too; but no real Clowns will ever resemble nor claim those insulting creatures. And may I remind you that they are simply caricatures that were created by clown haters like you; not by true Clowns nor by the people who love and respect them.


Before we leave the subject of theatrical Clowns, however, let's not forget really admirable Clown portrayals on the golden screen (and the television screen) by such hollywood greats as James Stewart, Charlie Chaplin, the Three Stooges, Danny Kaye, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Lou Costello (with partner Bud Abbott as a great straightman), and traditional Clowns like Clown Hall of Fame Inductees Red "Freddie the Freeloader "Skelton (who was a real Shrine Clown), Bob "Clarabelle" Keeshan, Bev "Rebo" Bergeron, Pinto "Bozo" Colvig Sr. and Bob "Bozo" Bell, (as well as Joey "Bozo" D'Auria and many others who have donned Bozo's makeup and costume since 1946) and Roy "Cooky Cook" Brown (they obviously did not hate Clowns). Also there have been many screen performances by real circus Clowns  and Clown Hall of Fame inductees Emmett "Weary Willie" Kelly Sr., Felix Adler, Lou Jacobs, Jackie LeClaire, Edwin "Poodles" Hanneford, and Anni Franitelli.


Clowns are really great people. Check out my clowns links page, and you will see what I mean.

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